Cristian Bale visits colorado victims
Cristian Bale at the hospital with a victim
    So this is really cool! My last blog post was about the Aurora, Colorado shootings that took place in a midnight showing of Batman: The  Dark Knight Rises. This was tragic and horrifying news, but as a followup to that post here is something much more happy. :)

    Last Tuesday Cristian Bale (The actor for Batman) visited the hospital the victims of the Aurora shooting where being treated at. There were apparently still 7 people that were being treated and he was able to spend time with all of them. Acording to the York Daily Record article (Found here), Bale spent over 2 hours at the hospital and at least 10 mins with each victim. When he reached the hospital he told the officials he did not want the press around and just wanted to spend time with the victims and the police officers.

    It was also pointed out that Bale was not there representing the studio and was only there for himself.
    I have a couple of things to say about this:

    Some may disagree with me on this, but I do not believe Bale was looking for any type of publicity. He informed the officials that he didn't want any cameras and that he just wanted to spend some time with the victims. I love that! I don't know a whole lot about Cristian Bale, but this is impressive to me.
    Isn't it a little sad that it had to be pointed out that Bale was there on his own accord and not by the studio? I would not be surprised one little bit that he had to point that out in case there was some sort of lawsuit. Unfortunately, we live in a world were people would take something like this and turn in in for there own gain in a blink of an eye. Would it really suprise you if in a couple days we find out that someone tried to sue Bale for "Disturbing" them or something? I would not be surprised at all. The important thing to take not about this, however, is that although Bale obviously thought this could happen he still showed up and did his part.    I am happy to see that people are still filled with charity and love. Even though much more love is needed in this world, it is nice to see that at least a little is being shown. Cuddos Cristian.

7/25/2012 09:21:14 am

More than likely the fear is that one of the victim's family could sue the studio (movie) for "influencing" James Holmes to become "the Joker" which lead him kill all those people. Either way, you are right in that it is sad. I have heard of people being advised not to even go and visit someone that they may or may not have hurt in some kind of accident because that would insinuate that you are admitting to guilt. Now THAT is sad! We can't even check to see if someone is ok in fear that it would bring financial bankruptcy or prison time.

chuck thatcher
7/25/2012 05:05:28 pm

christian bale is intense actor and takes pride in his work look at all the weight he dropped for the machinist then buffed up 4 batman begins but i truly believe he went to see the victims on his own accord

7/26/2012 01:11:33 am

I agree. I used to think Cristian Bale was kind of a jerk (Although I have always respected his work) but this is helping me change my mind.

7/26/2012 02:08:53 am

Actually, I agree with the last part of your sentence. I hope I didn't come across, with the first part of my comment, that I was talking about CB being afraid of being sued and that is why he is doing it. I meant just the opposite. I believe that if anything, he could have been advised by his lawyers not to go because it would look like him admitting guilt. So if that is the case, then that says a lot about him.

7/26/2012 01:12:47 am

Yeah, thats what I think too. It's just so sad that people are really that sue happy! Why can't people just be civil?


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