So, for the last few months Hannah has had to be the sole provider for our family. She was the one who had the full time job while I was going to school and only working about 12 hours a week. This was leaving a lot of stress on her and causing her to worry about way more then she really needed to. It was hard on me as well since I am the man and should be the provider. I felt bad that I could not do what I was suppose to and was getting worried about her. When we made the decicion to move out to Washington, we were both very scared about leaving our jobs and schooling to start brand new. It has now been about a month and I can say that the Lord guided our decision.

    I am currently working at Comcast and love the work! I am finally making the money we need and am the provider that I am suppose to be. Hannah is now able to relax and actually is staying home now... And THAT is important because she is pregnent! :)

    I am so incredably excited to be a father! I honestly don't care if it is a boy or a girl, just as long as it is healthy! I know that I would love to have a girl because I think I will have a close relationship with my girls, but I would love to have a boy as well... maily because he would protect my girls when I can't. ;)

    Anyway, I am at work now and I should go. I love my life and I love you Hannah!

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