So, the other day I go to 7 Peaks, a local water park, with my Sister and her 3 boys. We had a lot of fun. The boys where having a blast and Alisa and I were too, but there were a few things that I realized that day and I thought I would share them with you.
  1. A jam packed wave pool can only be described with two words, "Mosh Pit." I kid you not I was bumping into people with every wave that passed by! I was going up and down, bumping and rubbing against people I didn't know! It was just like a concert! Luckily, I had an inner-tube and was at least able to stay afloat. The people beside me where not so lucky and while the waves where going had to hold on to my tube and yelled to me, "I'm sorry! I just need to catch my breath!" ... Yeah, wasn't that fun.
  2. All water parks in the world need to invest in plastic or rubber walkways because my feet where burning up!
  3. I can't wait to have kids.
    I am very excited to have kids of my own one day. I have been around children for most of my life and I love them. I know just how difficult they can be and how loving as well. I feel like I have been blessed to be able to already have gone through some of the things a new parent has with my nieces and nephews. By no means am I saying that I am a pro or that I will not face challenges because, believe me, I know I will! I am just very happy that the Lord has prepared me so much as it is.
    As I was watching my nephews play in the water I could not help but smile and think of what it will be like to have children with my beautiful wife. I know it will be hard and there will be things we will both have to work out, but I also know that the blessings that will come from it are much greater. I'm excited. :)
    Hannah and I also had our second Independence day as well. We didn't do much. (Especially with all the wild-fires that are going on around us.) All we did was light some sparklers and one fountain. I love fountains. They are my Favorite. :)

7/8/2012 14:05:35

I just love you, Bubba!
And just so you know, after my feet burning experience, I went to Wal-Mart and bought me some swim shoes. Yep, when we head back o Seven Peaks on Thursday, I will be the only adult wearing swim shoes......I'm cool like that......

7/9/2012 00:48:22

Yeah, i should probably get some too...but I'm too cheap lol


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