Today is a new adventure. Well, actually this whole month is a new adventure. Hannah and I are officially moving to the north east. We have decided to move to Vancouver, WA because I will be going to school there and need to gain residency. This is a big move for us and it comes with a lot of challenges.

Currently, I am staying with a friend of mine in Oregon while I look for a job and a place to stay in Vancouver. Hannah is still in Utah where she is working until our contract in our old apartment runs out. (Which is in October) Needless to say, this creates a lot of trials and hurdles to overcome. Although I am here with a wonderful family that I am extremely grateful for, I still do not have my wife to comfort me. I never realized how much she calms me down at the end of the day until I moved here and didn't have her to do it. She really is my reason to come home everyday. I miss her greatly.

On top of that I also have moved here not knowing where we will be living and not having a job. I have to look for a job that will help pay for a place to stay, but I can't get a place to stay until I have a job. In Vancouver you have to provide proof of income before you can get an apartment... For us, this is almost a catch 22. Luckily the family I am staying with is willing to cosign for us. Hopefully that will go through just fine or else we may be staying with them longer then expected...

I have had a few interviews with a few companies and there is one in particular that looks very promising, but there are no defendants yet.
Most people would look at our situation and say "What are you thinking? You had a good, stable job where you were living and was going to school as well. Things where going good. Why are you moving at all??"

To those that think this way I would have to say that, yes, we did have a decent living situation. We were making it by. Basically living from paycheck to paycheck, but it was working and wasn't too stressful. Over all, we were complacent with where we were at...

But I am not looking for complacent. I don't want just mediocre. As a great Switchfoot song goes, I am looking for "More than just okay". Whether you are religious or not, you should understand the meaning of growth and I hope you understand how you achieve that growth. If you settle for just complacent and "Okay" then you will never get further. You will be stuck in the sand trap called mediocrity.

Whether you believe in a God or not you have to have faith to grow. Be it faith in God, yourself, your loved ones, or whatever it is you can trust in, you have to believe. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Hannah and I are suppose to be in Vancouver. I believe. I have faith. And if you can't grasp that than I am not the one you should feel sorry for.

lisa beck
9/6/2012 08:53:45

This is how we felt when we moved to Ok. Everyone said "Whats in ok?" But I knew that is were we needed to be for our family. I will forever be happy that we did what the Spirit said to do and made the move. It was hard, but it was the right thing to do.


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